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How To Design Your Banners for Your Banner Stands

If you’re considering low-cost, convenient, mobile and flexible advertising for your business, you can’t do much better than banner ads. You can quickly and easily set up the lightweight banner stand and then just as easily hang your banner for immediate and eye-catching marketing. Once you’ve decided to maximize your visibility with banner ads, it’s time for your next important decision: what your banners will look like.

Many banner design companies offer ready-made designs that you can purchase; they feature generic text like “Sale” or “Grand Opening”, and may work for your business, depending on what your needs are. For a more visually interesting result that better represents your brand, consider having your banner customized. A customized banner is an affordable way to make a positive impression and draw even more customers in to your establishment. If you’re not a graphic designer or marketing expert, deciding what to include in your customized banner can seem like an overwhelming task. By following a few basic guidelines, you’ll have your vinyl banner designed in no time.

Banner Visibility

First, consider the visibility of your banner. Plan your design based on where your banner will be located, and how far it will be from your target audience. A banner that will be installed near your entrance will need larger design elements in order to be seen; a banner located near the sidewalk or street will be more easily visible, and can therefore have smaller design elements. Once you’ve planned for optimum visibility, you’ll need to decide on what your banner will look like. Consider how and when you plan to use your banner; is it for a one-time event, or do you intend to use it for multiple marketing opportunities? If it’s for a one-time event, tailor the design specifically to the tone or purpose of the event. If it’s for multiple uses, consider designing it to align with your brand identity; choose a color scheme, font, or theme that mirrors the look of your brand or packaging.


Color is an important factor in an eye-catching design. Bold colors are strong and attractive, but too many colors can be harsh and might detract from your message. Choose a simple color scheme, and make sure the color of your text contrasts the color of the background for best visibility. Making the text as large and as simple as possible (use a bold, sans serif font) also enhances visibility. In most cases, less content is more; use a graphic or image, like your brand or logo, only if it will enhance the overall design, and include only the most important text. It’s a good idea to include your business or brand name, the name or short description of the event, and contact or location information. Additional content could make the banner too busy, rendering it less effective.

With a little thought and a little careful planning, you can design an impactful and impressive banner ad that will increase your brand visibility and draw more traffic into your business.